Meghan + Ricky - Groveland Wedding Photography

Meghan and Ricky created a tropical paradise for their friends and family in the Merrimack Valley. There were pineapples, Hawaiian shirts, The Danger Booth, love and even a couple of pygmy goats! I can't forget to mention the bride's amazing desserts that she formulated herself at Crema Cafe and that the best man's speech was the monologue from Independence Day? Yes.  This wedding was 100% awesome.

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Will + Maddie - Wadsworth Mansion Wedding Photography

Will and Maddie's wedding is very special, because THEY are very special. Will and I went to Emerson together, I photographed his Dad's wedding. And now I have photographed his and Maddie's spectacular wedding at the Wadsworth Mansion in their home state of Connecticut where it all began for them. It was amazingly happy and emotional day in the best way.  

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