Iceland Adventure 2015

In early July Becca and I and our favorite travel pals John + Marisa took a hop over the Atlantic Ocean to visit Iceland for John's 30th birthday. Iceland is a country many of our friends have been praising for years. What you see in photographs from Icelandic elopements or travel diaries can not do justice to seeing the sights of Iceland in person. From the sound of silence at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon or filling up a water bottle from a flowing river and having it be the clearest water you have ever seen or the 24 hours of daylight. It is just as magical as everyone says. 

These photos are mix of 5D Mark III images shot with the 24-70 Mark II rented from LensProToGo (perfect for travel + hiking) and my iPhone 6+

We were able to do the whole Ring Road in 7 days and Becca completed a handy map for anyone interested in doing a similar trip, all the icons are clickable with more info/pics/tips. You can find that map HERE.

Kika + Parker - Mass Audubon's Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary Wedding Photography

Kika and Parker assembled a dream team for their wedding at the Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary in Belmont. With 50 of their favorite people in attendance and Lauren Wells designing all the amazing details and actual perfect weather, no one could have asked for a better day. 

Big ups to my pals Wild Folk Studio, Mayflour Confections, Moody's, and Chasing Blue for adding extra awesome to this already awesome big day. 

And congrats Kika and Parker, you guys are amazing humans and deserved a day to match. 

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Meghan + Ricky - Groveland Wedding Photography

Meghan and Ricky created a tropical paradise for their friends and family in the Merrimack Valley. There were pineapples, Hawaiian shirts, The Danger Booth, love and even a couple of pygmy goats! I can't forget to mention the bride's amazing desserts that she formulated herself at Crema Cafe and that the best man's speech was the monologue from Independence Day? Yes.  This wedding was 100% awesome.

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