Album Design

Once our design process has been finished we do have a few final steps to wrap up before I can order your album.

Step one

First you must pick out your album cover material and color. You can find your options in the PDF linked below.


Step two

The next thing for you to think about is that you can do up to 2 lines of embossing on the cover.  

The standard for this is something along the lines of

Kate and Sawyer

May 23rd 2010

But feel free to go nuts and get creative

Please send me the text exactly as you want it on the cover of your album. "& vs and" "23 vs 23rd" etc... 


Step three

Finally please make sure to send me the address that you would like the albums shipped to. They are sent with signature required to protect your memories so if you are not home during the day it might be best to send it to your work. 

Enter all your answers and info here!

Name *
Finalization agreement *
By checking the below box I have verified that all of the above information is final and correct. I also understand that I have approved the final album design and no further changes will be made. Once album is submitted for order, any changes will require the purchase of a new album at full price.