2014 has been a truly amazing year. With another 30+ weddings under my belt each one was so uniquely perfect in it's own way. The following are a collection of some of my favorite images from this past year. 

Thank you to all the couples I have worked with this year, your friendship and trust is part of what makes me love every moment of this job.  Thank you to all the friends who have understood me not being around on weekends, so I can do what I love. Thank you to the other vendors I have had the pleasure of working with this year, you are the best coworkers on the planet. Thank you to Becca, the best girlfriend a guy can ask for and the best Cat-Mom that Lolli can ask for. I am so glad to now have you as a business partner in The Danger Booth.

And to everyone else, welcome to my new site and whole new brand. Poke around, some things will feel familiar, but mostly everything is brand new. Say hello at the bottom, let's be pals. 

You can find my best of 2013 post here: http://www.zacxwolf.com/home/2013-favorites/