Blair + Josh - DC Capitol Building Elopement

I've known Blair since my punk rock days in South Florida. She now lives in DC and has met Josh who is an amazing guy working in the House of Representatives. So here's the thing, this wedding was a total of 6 people. The two of them, and then both of their parents, and the venue? Oh just the rotunda of the Capital building... Josh's mom officiated, Blair put her dress on in the public ladies room. After a really beautiful ceremony we had 2 hours for portraits all over DC. The rain that was supposed to happen all day waited until right before we got into the cab to the restaurant. So I got to end the night by joining their families for a delicious dinner at Willow Restaurant. This wedding made me beyond happy. The whole day was mind blowing and I am so ecstatic to finally share these images with the world. DC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_PhotographyDC_Wedding_Photography

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