Introducing The Danger Booth!

The Danger Booth

This is a new venture that has been in the works for quite some time now. I have spoken to many people about this, had some amazing help from friends (major shout outs to Regan, Dennis, Brian, Keri and so many more). The Danger Booth is the new guy on the "photo booth" scene. But The Danger Booth stands for something. Firmly taking a stand against waste by opting for USB thumbdrives over DVD's, reusable backgrounds over paper, and choosing an online gallery over immediate prints that far too often end up in the trash. I decided to start this business because I think it will be a great addition to not just my weddings, but all weddings. No longer will you need to have the boring table shot of 10 guests awkwardly standing around a bunch of dirty plates, with The Danger Booth you are guaranteed to get a professional quality photo of everyone at the event with just the click of the button. And it is not just about having photos of everyone, The Danger Booth is operated by remotes, so it is the guests that are taking the photos. So who knows what comes out when you realize the endless possibilites that you have when in front of the lens, sweetness and silliness are all fair game.

I will be running a special for people who book The Danger Booth during the month of Feb for their 2012 event (more details of that on the site), but there will always be a special pricing (and a place in my heart) for my couples who add The Danger Booth to their wedding.

Last but not least I have teamed up with my good friend Travis Grillo and I will be holding an open house at the Grillo's Brick and Mortar in Inman Square, I hope everyone comes by and checks out the booth and takes a few photos. I want you to see it in action and have some fun. There will be free pickles given away and there might be some more friends there with more freebies.

So please check out the site: and help spread the word about The Danger Booth!