A rough weekend, but thank god for friends.

So this past weekend I flew down to Miami to help my good friend Matt Miller out with a wedding. Well before the wedding we decided to stop at a Chipotle to grab some lunch. Before we finished someone ran inside to inform us that our car had been broken into. It took a few seconds for me to realize what was even happening. We went outside to find the window of the car had been smashed and the jerks had grabbed almost everything. I lost everything my camera, my cards, all my lenses and a flash, Matt lost lighting a camera and some more flashes. Through the power of social media we were able to get the gear to pull off the wedding and I think Matt did a hell of a job. This was terrifying. I felt totally paralyzed and if it weren't for the support of my sister, Matt, and other amazing friends who immediately were contacting me sending their support and checking up on me, I definitely would have not been able to cope as well as I have. I thought I had reached a low point when a good friend texted me "They stole your camera, not your talent" she completely changed my mood. I was still bummed, but you know what I will get past this and I have LOTS to look forward to in the coming years. I'm 22 and I'm already doing something I love for a living. I mean how lucky is that? How many people can say that?

So as of this moment I don't own a SLR.  I am taking out some loans and heading head first into debtland but I will have a camera once again this week.  But I am looking up and am optimistic about the future.  Now full speed ahead to 2011, I am ready for it.

But if anyone hears about someone in Miami unloading a bunch of photo gear, specifically a 5d mark ii without an eyecup and with a non-canon strap PLEASE contact me.  These people have a lot of bad karma heading their way.

As of right now though, this is the only camera I own, luckily this week is a week off.

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