Passover on Long Island!

So I departed from Boston, and took the BoltBus to New York to spend the Jewish holiday Passover with my cousins.  This has become a tradition since I moved up here 3 years ago. Another Passover tradition is that since I am the youngest I have to sing the 4 questions, the next in line is my 15 month old niece, looks like I'll be singing till I'm 30.  It's nice to have a couple traditions ya know?  So the weekend involved a lot of eating (not out of my normal habit), family stories, going to a show at some bar to be pleasently surprised by two awesome bands (Everything Sucks & Polygon), and meeting a lot of cool new friends (both human + canine). And enjoy the photos! Family PhotographerBand PhotographerBand PhotographerFamily PhotographerFamily PhotographerPet PhotographerPet PhotographerFamily PhotographerFamily PhotographerPet Photographer